Fund Raising

All funds raised will reach the children. Members of the board pay for administration, marketing etc. Travelling costs are carried by those travelling. You can be assured that any donation you give will reach the chosen schools.

Membership fees and money donations

Membership fees are an important part of our fund raising. For this we need many members and consequently we work continously at soliciting new members.. Föreningen försöker också få Many members are also monthly donators and the backbone of our ecomomy providing good predictability. With only 10€ per month you can change the lives of many children.

Invisible gifts

Invisible gifts are gifts not seen by the giver nor the recepient. By paying certain amounts the giver is donating certain items or services to the needing children in Tanzania. We do receive rather good money from people wishing to honour their friends, who have everything, this way.

Events and local visibility

SchoolKids Light is participating in all major local events creating visibility and PR. Additionally we benefit financially by having lotteries, providing grilled food and selling invisible gifts.

During the latest few years we have also had a SchoolKids Light wall calender for sale as well as some genuine Tanzanian jewelry and gifts.

During 2019 we arranged for the first time a charity dinner. Success was reasonable from a fund raising perspective and good from a visibility perspective.

Non-cash donations

As it is well known that we travel to Tanzania every year it happens that school classes or local organizations support us by collecting necessities for education or health for us to take in our baggage to Tanzania. Naturally we are glad to do so.

Very important are the donations of winnings for lotteries. The gain from lotteries are a significant part of our income thanks to the very good reputation our lotteries have.

Support by members of the board

Board members pay all costs related to administration and marketing, their own travel costs, finance several projects  and contribute to the association’s general fund raising

To support us please use the below bank account and reference numbers.

Bank account

FI47 4055 0011 1611 10

Reference numbers 

11141 for membership payments

12140 for donations                                     

61146 for donations for mattresses