Irente School for the Blind, Lushoto

Facts about Irente School for the Blind in Lushoto

This boarding school for visually impaired was founded by  German missionaries in the 60ies and is now owned by the Lutheran church. This is the first school we supported, in the early days only my wife and I, That is where it all started. The school has received much support and is now in a very good shape with a positive attitude among personnel and students.

2020 they have 102 students, of whom 32 with albinism. The majority of the children will not meet their parents again. The school is providing full boarding including primary education.

With the help of SchoolKids Light, the school has initiated a successful program to increase self sufficiency by farming vegetables and live stock and is starting to farm avocado. They now receive vegetables from their green house and garden, milk from the cows and meat and eggs from rabbits, goats, ducks and chicken. We are committed to financing another green house, while the school is handling the frame.

The economic situation is poor. Salaries are running 4 months late. Fixing a very acute problem we went to the mattress shop to renew some of the mattresses in the girls' dormitory. We also participated in planting avocado trees developing their avocado plantation. This will give good income after a few years.

Genaral Information

Number of teachers: 18
Number of teachers for students with special needs: 18
Total number of students: 102
Total number of female students: 35
Number of students with special needs: 86

  • Blind: 39
  • Albinism:  33
  • Other:   Low vision students who are not students with Albinism 14

Number of beds in dormitories: 86
School fee: 100,000/= a year (10% can afford to pay)
Number of Braillers: 110


Head teacher: Alfons David Mchalo

E-mail address: irentesb(at)yahoo(dot)com  alfonsmchalo(at)yahoo(dot)com 

Telephone (s): +255 655 783 343

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