Sabasaba Vacational Rehabilitation Center, Singida

Facts about  Sabasaba vacational Rehabilitation Center, Singida

Sabasaba, Singida, is a vocational school for students with special needs. There they can become professional taylors, carpenters and electricians. We have had the priviledge of working together with them for many years. This year most joy was created by a keyboard, instantly in use, and some timber for the carpentry line. A big thanks to all donors.

Here is a Message from the Head Teacher:


  • We are facing the problem of water as the water bills comes high while we can not afford to pay, will appreciate if we will get support for construction of bore hole.
  • We are in need of disability related trainings for staffs, esp. Sign language and Braille skills in order to facilitate communication to students.
  • We are looking for more donors to provide scholarships for female students without disability who are mostly coming from marginalized families. Some are street children and others are orphans plus those whose parents lives in poverty.
  • Next year,we are planning to start new course on Food production and Bakery, we have already bought some tools and equipment’s for this new course. We do also ask for support to buy embosser/thermoform machine for blind students.

Genaral Information

Number of teachers: 14
Number of teachers for students with special needs: 14 [ 6 Government employers and 8 Temporary teachers]
Number of students: 56
Total number of female students: 47

Number of students with special needs:

  • Blind: 13
  • Deaf: 22
  • Physical: 12
  • Mental: 6
  • Albinism: 3
  • Other:

Number of beds in dormatories: we have 74 double deckers in domitories and 80 new deckers in store.

School fee: NO SCHOOL FEE FOR STUDENTS WITH DISABILITY, BUT THEY HAVE TO PAY FOR THEIR DAILY NEEDS LIKE UNIFORMS, ID, HEALTH INSUARANCE THOUGH SOME OF THEM CAN NOT AFFORD. For those without disability, the school fee for those who stays in dormintories  is USD 530 per year.

Number of Braillers: 13


Head Teacher/Master: FATUMA H. MALENGA

E-mail adress:  

Telephone(s): +255 753032727

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