Same Primary School

Facts about Same Integrated Primary School

This school is in a miserable condition. The buildings have serious cracks, school supplies and Braillers are stored in poor spaces .There are no closed storage areas for Braillers that are sensitive to dust. The toilet in the girls dormatory cannot be used as the septic tank has collapsed. We decided to finance the installation of a new septic tank allowing girls to use their own toilet. Hopefully this work can be done when children are on Corona vacation.

We were able to cater for sunbrellas for the children with albinism and the basic need for excercise books pens etc.

Genaral Information

Total number of teachers: 28
Number of teachers for students with special needs: 6
Total number of students: 800
Number of female students: 406
Number of male students: 394
Number of students with special needs:

▪Blind 2
▪Physical 1
▪Albinism 20
▪Law vision 17

Number of beds in domitories: 26
School fees: -
Number of braillers: 22


Name of headmaster: ELIA.O.MCHOME

Email address: sameprimay(at)gmail(dot)com

Phone number: 0738115324

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