Stenroos Education Center Dongabesh

Facts about Stenroos Education Center, Mbulu, Dongobesh

In the last 40 years Gottfrid Stenroos from Finland has built 6 schools in Tanzania. This last one is a ”Second chance” school for girls who did not finish school in an earlier attemt, often because of financial reasons.The girls live in dormitories and receive three meals a day. There are now 250 students and the number is increasing.

They have an intensified learning schedule studying two grades per year. School days are very long. School meals and salaries are the main running costs causing financial challenges for the school. We have ordered a green house and a small chicken farm for the school to contribute to their income.

To solve the difficult water situation we discussed the possibility to finance a bore hole and/or a system for harvesting rain water. Pumps powered by solar cells. A new dormitory is soon to be finished, We are funding the 72 mattresses. To finish the infrastructure for education they need to build two more regular class rooms and one class room for physics. Lots of funding is urgently needed.


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General Information

250 students

120 beds

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