Step By Step Learning Center -SSLC

Facts about Step by Step Learning Center - SSLC

Small, private day school specifically for children with mental challenges.

The school is well equipped with a fish farm, goats and honey production. Some of the older students are actually employed by the school as keepers of animals. This is extremly unusual in a country where people with disabilities usually are considered worthless and unable to do any real work.

Genaral Information

Total number of teachers: 11 teachers
Number of teachers for students with special needs: 5
Total number of students: 25
Total number of female students: 10
Number of students with special needs

Physical: 9

Mental: 25

School fee: 1,575,000 Tanzanian shillings per year (525,000 Tanzanian shillings per semester) per student. Equivalent to 716 US Dollars per year (239 US Dollars per semester)


Name of Head Teacher/Master: Margaret Kenyi, Mrs.

E-mail adress: sslcse2005(at)gmail(dot)com  

Telephone(s): +255 754 090 078


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